Killarney Canoe & Camp Trip

Killarney Canoe & Camp Trip

In Good Company

It’s a few summers ago and some friends are visiting from Ontario.
We’re sitting by a favourite swimming hole talking about life as the river makes its way at an easy pace. Further down it reaches towards the faint sound of rapids.

We are discussing an up-coming camping trip to Killarney Provincial Park with a group of buddies. I suggest that we make up some t-shirts to commemorate the occasion and quickly begin to pencil something into my sketchbook.

It’s the usual fare: a couple of crossed paddles, a canoe, trees, etc. Once it’s roughed out, we both agree that it needs some accompanying words.

We ponder on the thought for a few seconds when my friend (one of my oldest and truest) simply says, “how about Good Company?”

Yes. That sounds good.

The following photos were taken on a 35mm disposable camera throughout that Killarney trip.

It is a beautiful system of lakes with quartzite spattered hills that almost glisten in the sun.

Interesting fact: this park owes its origin to the conservation efforts of the several members of the Group of Seven that traversed these waters.

In an attempt to prevent logging in the area, A.Y. Jackson sent a letter to the provincial government to have it preserved and in 1964 the section of Georgian Bay that makes up Killarney Provincial Park was declared a wilderness reserve.


Tay Vansickle

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