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Based on rugged Vancouver Island, heart of the West Coast, we set out to create clothing that we wanted to wear, and showcase our scenic Island lifestyle.

Where else in the world can you go surfing and snow boarding in the same day, and on the same tank of gas?!
The coastal scenes around us are romanced with glimpses of mountains and sunsets. If you've ever found yourself out on the water in the summer months you'll agree that everything in the horizon is shades of blue...mountain, ocean, and sky, washing and fading into one another.

Turn your back on the strait and you've got hills draped in our temperate rainforest - Cedars older than time, many with stories to tell.
If you can make your way through the thick, you'll arrive on the secluded beaches of our most western coast, the sands of Tofino and Ucluelet.
It's no secret that we have these incredible beaches out West, but there's dozens of beaches on the North and South sides of the Island.
Remote, rugged, worn, battered coast lines that take the punishing waves of the Pacific day after day.

We are dedicated to telling the story of our home in the Pacific North West; through our clothing, our adventures, and our friends.
Join us on our adventure, share your stories with us, find us at markets or out hiking the trails.

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Get outside and enjoy the Great Canadian Wild!

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