So you want to know about Good Co, eh...

Well, we are three guys that work together 8am til 5pm every day of the week, and get together on weekends to do stuff like...go bowling and have a few beers.

When we're not three games deep at Splitsville, you'll find at least one of us out on the water in a boat cruising around the small islands off the shores of Nanaimo. The other two will be up the side of a mountain - hiking or dirt biking.

One of us is guilty of cussin' people out on the latest NBA on Xbox and simultaneously spinning a 45 on the record player.
While another spends 90% of his time either:
A. Riding motorcycles
B. Working on motorcycles or
C. Talking about motorcycles.

We're each three kinds of different.

We've been 'doing' Good Co. since 2017.
It all started as an inside joke to make some shirts for a camping/canoeing trip in Ontario. The first shirt design featured some paddles, trees, a couple canoes, a camp fire, and the words 'Good Company' across the top.

Well that just sounded good.

So practically overnight, we made the necessary calls, and the name Good Company Clothing was ours.
We became partners in this little business called 'slingin' tees'.

From the beginning it's never been about making a fortune - it's just about making cool stuff.
We come up with a design - we put it onto a screen - we print the shirt.
That's right, we design and print all of our t-shirts...by hand.

We don't do a flashy sale every week or flood your inboxes with calls to action and discount codes.
From day one, we just wanted to make some cool shirts for our friends - and we've stayed true to that.
Chances are, if you catch us at our favourite bar (shout out to the Quarterway Pub staff!) someone at the table is wearing something Good Co.

Fast forward three years and we've got hoodies, flannels, jackets, and we even have tin camping mugs.
Looking into the future we're sourcing Canadian made products and we'll be expanding on our MADE IN CANADA offerings.

So, yeah, that's basically Good Co.
We started out making cool shit for our friends, and we’re still doing it.