Good Co. Approved

Businesses we support

 Every once in a while we update this page with information about some of the businesses we work with or support and share these with you.
It ranges from the people who pour us our coffee in the morning, to the breweries we have a beer at after work; the shop that sews our t-shirts together, the friends we camp with and the photographers we hang out with.

Cheers to all of you guys - keep it up!




VICE Design:

We work with these folks on all kinds of stuff. For our Good CO. related stuff it was obviously our flat pack fire fit.
These guys designed the plates, created the prototypes, and then worked with us to create a few fire pits every couple months.

We also head to VICE first whenever we have an idea for anything metal related for motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and vans.


Tuff City Powersports:

The guys at Tuff City always have the parts handy and the knowledgeable staff to keep our off-road adventures on schedule. Lots of local trail knowledge and a ton of parts for all machines. We always go to Tuff City first when it comes to spending money on our motors.


Wild North Gear:

Steven is THE man when it comes to custom made bags - in any size!
We've had Steven make us huge duffel bags with custom openings, straps, and pouches. He also came through for us when we needed a purpose-made utility bag for our flat pack fire pits. It looked sharp and holds up to the challenge. More recently he has developed a line of fanny packs and small utility pouches that go hand in hand with hiking, camping, and generally being outdoors.


Explore Vancouver Island:

Since 2015 Brendan has been immersed in the tourism world and now that he has his 8-seater magic off-road bus, we can confidently say he is an Exploration Expert. Along with his partner Carri, they have a wide variety of tours on the Island (some on the ocean), that will take you to places some of the locals don't even know about! Whether you're an Islander looking for a custom half day tour of some breweries or a traveler seeking adventure - hit up Brendan and Carri and hop in their magic bus!


White Sails Brewing:

In November of 2015, Downtown Nanaimo (our home) was blessed with the opening of White Sails Brewing, and with it, the Mount Benson IPA. The atmosphere at the brewery is fantastic and the location is warm and welcoming.


Jon Nolson Photography & Web:

Jon is one of our guys so we have to give him a shout out. Extremely talented web developer with a gifted eye for photography. We bring him out to our photoshoots and get him to sit back and capture everything as it unfolds naturally.


Josh Ford - The Fordographer:

Another one of the guys - Josh. Josh is so easy to work with and such a talented photographer. Not only that but he also embodies the word 'explore', so you have to love the guy. Since we met him, he took on the welding position that opened up at Vice Design, and now blows our minds regularly with the amazing accessories he dreams up and makes from scratch for his dirt road rigs.