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Van Isle On Film T-Shirt

Van Isle On Film T-Shirt

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Likely you were directed here by our friends over at @vanisleonfilm, who we teamed up with to create this limited edition t-shirt.

Film photography is a fickle bitch...when you're out exploring and think you're about to become the next Ansel Adams and snap an absolute banger, only to realize one of three possible things just happened:

  1. You just changed the film and forgot to adjust your ISO
  2. You're on shot #40 of your 36 picture roll
  3. forgot to put film in...again.

Film is nasty like that.
But I'll tell you what, it's a heckin' good time getting out there and snappin' pics. Personally the 35mm roll makes me really think about what I'm about to this picture of my dog really worth the $2 to develop and get prints? YUP.

What is Van Isle On Film?

Van Isle On Film shares the film photography of dozens of Islanders, snapping analog on Vancouver Island. It's a really neat partnership, Island film photography and Good Company Clothing - sharing the outdoor lifestyle.

Proceeds from this limited edition t-shirt sale go towards a Van Isle On Film photography show!
Date and location TBA!
So submit your film pics to @vanisleonfilm and buy a shirt...your pics could be in the show!

Tell me about the t-shirt!

The t-shirts are the Good Co. standard unisex tee, soft 100% cotton.
Just like how your film photographs are all shot analog, these t-shirts are screen printed by hand in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.
The picture of the t-shirt was shot on Velvia 50 on a Nikon F.